Klipheuwel Fundraiser

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Klipheuwel is a small  township on the outskirts of Durbanville. Two thirds of the community lives in shacks and the other third in rudimentary housing. Although it falls within the municipal boundary of Cape Town the community is relatively remote. There are no reliable scheduled public transport services. The town centre of Durbanville is where the closest economic opportunities are and approximately 10km away.


Klipheuwel location

Recently the City of Cape Town announced plans to install electricity in the township, but this may still take a while. In the meantime the community continues as it has been, without power; using fire, candles and gas to provide for their needs.

In the informal area, shacks typically offer limited protection against the elements. Summers are very hot and winter rains and cold intrude effortlessly to make for difficult living conditions. In short, most services taken for granted by typical middle class citizens are non-existent or limited and shared between residents.

All of the above makes it especially tough on school kids. No quiet library. No proper lighting to study when it is dark. No proper heating when it is cold. No hot water. And unfortunately in many cases no parent to ask for help with school work.

The Josiah Trust is heavily involved in this community and supports the people through numerous projects.  Their objective is best described by the Trust itself While our desire is that the children and adults in this area come to know and love their creator God, we also endeavor to be of practical assistance in all facets of living, helping them to develop the capacity to live responsibly and to judge wisely in matters of life and conduct.”

You can visit their website and facebook page by following the links in the text.


Shack building in Klipheuwel

Through the Josiah Trust we have had the privilege to be involved in various activities. We have first-hand learned the lesson that “it is better to give than to receive”. Lately we have been assisting two Grade 12 pupils, Tumelo and Phumelele with their school work. Both of them have dreams to study further. Our fundraiser is an attempt to raise money for them. The class fees for one year at college (technicon) is estimated at around R25 000. We will attempt to raise enough money to cover the first year for each of them, i.e. R50 000.

In the event that one or both of them do not get into college, the Josiah Trust will decide at its own discretion how to use the money raised. You, as a potential sponsor, can however be assured that the Trust will use any funds for the benefit of this community.

We therefore encourage you to be generous to this community and support our fundraiser by following this link.