Day 162: Kibungo to Urugo

Date: 25.03.17
Blog entry date: 25.03.17
Distance: 31km
Odometer: 8 450km
Avg speed: 22.1km/hr
Time on bike: 1h25min
Problems: Tear in back-rim
Flat tyre counter: 3
Max speed of tour : 72.1km/hr (Day 142)
Longest day: 215km (Day 48)

Staying in safari tent.

Today was a short day as we wanted to stay over at the Urugo Womens Opportunity Centre. It is a beautiful setting with restaurant and curio shop and a very nice stop over.

Most interesting, today is “Umuganda” day in Rwanda which essentially is a day of community work. All locals between 18 and 65 are obliged to participate. It stems from local tradition where family and friends would come together to help with a difficult task. It was reintroduced in 1998 in an effort to rebuild the country after the 1994 genocide.

I think this is a great idea and if you are interested to read more about this see which I used as a source. 

As a result of Umuganda the roads and towns were all very quiet which suited us well 😁. We also cycled past a few groups of people working together which we assume was part of Umuganda.

There were still people around and along route a few local cyclists joined in for some kilometers. Cycling, as a sport, is relatively popular in Rwanda and it is amazing how fast they can peddle those single speed bikes.

The rainy season here normally starts beginning March. It was therefore no surprise when the rains started, fortunately we were already at our destination.

About 80km’s remain to Kigali, but tomorrow we make one final stop before going into the city.

Thanks for following.

Willem & Eva

Beautiful valley seen from the camp site.


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