Day 161: Rusumu to Kibungo

Date: 24.03.17
Blog entry date: 24.03.17
Distance: 63km
Odometer: 8 419km
Avg speed: 16.7km/hr
Time on bike: 3h45min
Problems: Rain, Tear in back-rim
Flat tyre counter: 3
Max speed of tour : 72.1km/hr (Day 142)
Longest day: 215km (Day 48)

Staying in the St. Joseph Catholic Centre. After 6 nights in dodgy accommodations we are very glad to stay in a well equiped room including full bathroom.

Talking of accommodation, last night in Rusumu was a small disaster. Despite the beautiful setting we actually camped at the local drinking-well. The decibel levels were extreme until 02:30. At one stage I started reading aloud in the tent to try compensate for the drunken noise surrounding us. It did work to some degree. Soon I started skipping sentences and slurred as sleep overcame me 😁. We made it through, but it was unpleasant.

As we packed our bicycles a little rain was falling, a foreboding of what was to come.

The route started with a nice long uphill with strings of scholars walking down, presumably on their way to school. They reacted with excitement and some started running with us for a distance. This was standard through the day (seems there are children not attending school).

The scenery was beautiful. Rwanda is very green, it almost hurts the eyes 😁. There was not much natural vegetation and we saw mainly banana plantations and rice fields in between and on the hills.

We stopped in Kirehe after a tough climb from the border. Here we had chapati and tea which fuelled us for the rest of the day. The clean and neat streets are conspicuous. I did not take a picture, but will still capture this in one of the next towns.

With 15km’s to go it started raining and we did the last long climb up to Kibungo in the rain. I enjoyed it and prefer this to a hot sun while cycling uphlil (I think Eva prefers neither hills nor rain 😂).

We expect more climbing to Kigali, but I think we are through the worst of it. Our goal now seems a stone’s throw away and within graps. It’s not far, but we will take it easy up to the finish line 😁.

Thanks for following, all the messages and prayers. Without all the support the whole endeavour would have been more dull and difficult.

Willem & Eva

Early morning half-way up a hill, looking back the way we came.

The road condition was fair and did not carry a lot of motorised traffic.

Massive rice fields down in the valley.

Old “Friday” made it this far. Another 110km to go, I hope he stays healthy 😂

Wooden scaffolding used on a new church building in Kibungo. It looks scary 😱


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