Day 160: Rwanda! Nyakahura to Rusumu

Date: 23.03.17
Blog entry date: 23.03.17
Distance: 66km
Odometer: 8 356km
Avg speed: 15.1km/hr
Time on bike: 4h23min
Problems: Tear in back-rim
Flat tyre counter: 3
Max speed of tour : 72.1km/hr (Day 142)
Longest day: 215km (Day 48)

Camping at a local “lodge”. After seeing the small dark stuffy rooms that reminds of a bad movie, we got permission to pitch the tent in the beautiful garden.

We started early, prepared for the prequal to Rwanda-hills proper. There was indeed a lot of climbing, but subsequent to the route around Mt Kenya we have a different perspective of hill-cycling. Today was tough, but very manageable.

The route was really stunning. A lot of natural scenery, very green and of course hilly. A rain shower also added a fresh feeling to it all. Just before border control we crossed the Kagera river. Here the Ruvuvu flows into the Kagera and an impressive waterfall, Rusumu, is a beautiful sight.

The road surface from Runzewe to the border (past 2 days) is in a bad condition. We expect this to improve in Rwanda.

Rwanda! The land of a 1000 hills. We arrived in our last country unceremonially. The final border crossing and for us an incredible milestone.

At some point we were worried we might have an issue with the East Africa visa (Kenya, Uganda & Rwanda) but this worry proved unfounded, all went smoothly. We were however stopped by a guard with AK47 at the perimeter of border control. He wanted to see our passports and contents of our bags. We briefly opened them and he instructed Eva to discard a plastic bag, it is not allowed in Rwanda (they only use paper bags). I believe this is consistent with Rwanda’s “clean” image for which they have become famous.

Rwanda introduces various practical changes. Right-hand side traffic, time shifts back an hour (again same as SA), currency Rwandan Franc and the local language is Kinyarwanda (French & English are also official and most people still understand Swahili). I was hoping we would cease to be called “mzungus”, but this remains the same 😁.

After today we have one last goal, to reach Kigali, our final destination. If all goes well we hope to arrive on Monday the 27th. I cannot believe I just wrote that 😁.

With tomorrow our 1st full day in Rwanda we look forward to explore the 1000 hills.

Thanks for following and especially the donations received for Josiah Trust! Our target is R50000 and we are now at R39096.

Willem & Eva

Scene along route. Today was some of the most beautiful scenery of our tour.

Not always easy to capture these scenes on a cell phone camera. The early morning light helped to create great scenery.

Nice perspective of part of the route.

The road we came on is visible just underneath the horizon.

Almost on top of another long climb.

Looking down into the valley towards Rwanda.

Approaching the border down at the Kagera river.

Rusumu falls.

Beautiful camp site for the night. If only they had proper ablutions.


5 thoughts on “Day 160: Rwanda! Nyakahura to Rusumu

  1. Da habt ihr aber einen sehr romantischen Schlafplatz gefunden. Es sieht sehr schön aus… die Landschaft wirkt fruchtbar. Die Straße schlängelt sich wie ein Band durch das hügelige Land. Nun muesst ihr in Richtunge Finale noch einmal euer Bestes geben. Hoffentlich gelingt es auch mit Willems gerissener Felge. Wir wünschen so sehr, alles geht gut und ihr seid zufrieden. Wir sind optimistisch, dass euer Spendenziel für die Mission Josiah Trust noch erreicht werden kann. Bleibt gut beschützt.***


  2. A few more days and then you’ll be on your way home. Well done, Willem and Eva. Looking forward to hearing all about this incredible adventure. Peter + Colleen xx


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