Day 159: Runzewe to Nyakahura

Date: 22.03.17
Blog entry date: 22.03.17
Distance: 99km
Odometer: 8 290km
Avg speed: 19.3km/hr
Time on bike: 5h07min
Problems: Tear in back-rim
Flat tyre counter: 3
Max speed of tour : 72.1km/hr (Day 142)
Longest day: 215km (Day 48)

Staying at the “Unique Lodge”. Cold bucket shower and toilet, shared with the other rooms, yes quite unique šŸ˜. Honestly I really enjoyed the cold water, very refreshing after a dusty day.

Sleeping in Nyakahuru, we also passed Nyanatakora, Nyakanazi and tomorrow will pass Nyakasanza. Wow, be careful asking directions to get the name right šŸ˜‚. We also notice that names are sometimes spelled with “r” and “l” interchanged.

We cycled on about 20km brand new road today, but the rest was in bad condition. They resurfaced some parts in gravel to fill up the potholes. When a truck or bus pass us we get completely covered in dust šŸ˜.

After 50km we stopped at Nyakanazi and enjoyed chapati and tea at a local restaurant. We enjoyed this very much!

The scenery was beautiful with green forest hills. Hills make the cycling harder, but the scenery is usually very impressive, so it’s worth the effort.

There were a few short showers late afternoon, but we were already at our accommodation.

We plan to reach the Rwandan border tomorrow, so this should be our last night in Tanzania. It feels unreal to think we are finally so close to Rwanda. The plan is to finish in Kigali, another 170km from the border. Strange to think the end is quite near.

Thanks for following and all the support!

Willem & Eva

The road today.

Chapati and tea, our new favourite. šŸ‘

Dont miss this if you ever get to Nyakahura šŸ˜.

Road in front of the guest house.


4 thoughts on “Day 159: Runzewe to Nyakahura

    • Thank you Liesel! Glad to hear we make for some entertainment šŸ™‚ I also sometimes feel I do not fit into the script. It is always uplifting to read messages from home when struggling somewhere on an uphill! Baie dankie!


  1. Hi Willem and Eva! Well done, what a fabulous achievement. Nicole and I expecting a full presentation (with power point) when you get back to Cape Town – and maybe some chapatti with tea! I guess your “constitution” is now iron clad, you are almost a local in Africa, more so when covered in dust! Be careful on the last stretch of the tour. Enjoy. Keep those wheels turning!


    • Hey Ian and Nicole, yes the last couple of days we lived very much like the locals. I even think I will convince Willem to redesign our bathrooms. Squat toilets is the way to go šŸ˜‰ We plan to do some blog reading once we are back, similar to the book release reading you get šŸ˜‰ Maybe Linda can advise too. Thank you guys, you are great!!


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