Days 50 & 51: Kongola to Katima Mulilo

Date: 03 & 04.12.16
Blog entry date: 04.12.16
Distance: 116km
Odometer: 3 119km
Avg speed: 26.3km/hr
Time on bike: 4h24min
Problems: None
Flat tyre counter: 2 (Days 5&46)
Max speed of tour (Day 14): 65.8km/hr

Staying in 3 Palms Guest house. Good spacious and clean. A last Namibian luxury for us before we head into the unknown. Taking a rest day here to prepare and plan for Zambia. 

We started again early and all went well. The only (almost) incident was when I dropped my phone while riding. I instictively braked and Eva almost crashed into me. Stupid mistake, but nothing happened. Phone also fine. 

After about 2 400km’s we have reached the end of our Namibia tour. It has been an awesome experience. A diverse country with stunning scenery. The contrast between the far north including Caprivi and the south is unbelievable. For us the south appealed more, but that’s personal, others will prefer the greener north. To use one word for a lasting impression it is space. Here is a lot of space, space for a person to breath, to live, to feel free and to feel small against the vastness of creation. Space to put things into perspective. As I said early after we entered Namibia, if you have not been here, put it on your list, you will not be dissapppointed. Then again, I grew up here, so may be a bit biased ­čśü. 

Tomorrow we will cross the border. Zambia is completely new terrain for us and we are excited to continue. We have heard many good things about Zambia and look forward to experience it ourselves. 

Thanks for all the support, prayers and donations received! 

We did not take many pictures, but here are a few. 

Willem & Eva

P.S. As we enter Zambia I will again try and get their local sim for my phone, but might be off-line for a while. 

Our last Namibian town. Eva seeks out the only shade ­čśé

Zambia awaits us. View from a deck at the guest house over the river.


4 thoughts on “Days 50 & 51: Kongola to Katima Mulilo

  1. Lesson to this world-what do you get when a South African(partly Namibian) and a German gets together? Major crazy fun, and the rest of us can just stand on the sidelines! Well done! We are incredibly proud of you! We pray for you every day! Be safe, we love you both!


  2. Wir schlie├čen uns Riett’s Worten an. Wir stehen wirklich nur als Statisten weit weg und staunen ├╝ber eure Kraft, eure Geduld. Wir haben schon einiges gelernt. Willem vielen Dank f├╝r dein Res├╝me eurer sehr langen Reise durch Namibia. Manchmal im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes eine Grenzerfahrung. Gute ├ťberschreitung nach Sambia. Bleibt neugierig, offen und immer gut besch├╝tzt. In Gedanken immer bei euch und eurer gro├čen Unternehmung.


  3. Hallo Ihr zwei Weltenbummler,
    ich habe Euere Zeilen gelesen und die sch├Ânen Fotos gesehen.
    Euere Unternehmung verdient meine Hochachtung!!!
    Ich w├╝nsche Euch alles, alles LIEBE…….beeindruckende Erlebnisse und ber├╝hrende Begegnungen.
    Seid lieb gegr├╝├čt und umarmt von Heike (Nitzsche)


    • Liebe Heike! Das ist ja sch├Ân von dir zu h├Âren, eine wahre ├ťberraschung! Danke f├╝r die W├╝nsche, ja wir haben in der Tat viele besondere Begegnungen und jeder neue Tag bringt einen neuen kl Schatz u er├Âffnet Perspektivwechsel, die zum Nachdenken anregen. LG zu euch


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