Days 48 & 49: Divundu to Kongola

Note: Pictures of days 46 & 47 uploaded as of 02.12.16

Date: 01 & 02.12.16
Blog entry date: 02.12.16
Distance: 215km; an almost respectable cricket score 😁
Odometer: 3 003km
Avg speed: 25.2km/hr
Time on bike: 8h31min
Problems: A long long day!
Flat tyre counter: 2 (Days 5&46)
Max speed of tour (Day 14): 65.8km/hr

Camped at Mazambala lodge last night. Staying in Kawina guest house (only guest house in town) today. 

Mazambala lodge closed down and the camp site is falling apart. We arrived late and too tired to look for alternatives. We got drinking water and I showered, before the taps ran dry. Poor Eva had to be content with using a little of our drinking water for basic washing. I was too tired to realise any difference in the tent 😆.  There is also no electricity. 

Due to very long day on 1st Dec, taking a rest day today. Decided to look-up the guest house someone told us about. We have a sink-roof over our heads, but no ceilling 😁 (seriously) so expect our room to heat up, but at N$200 for the night a bargain. 

Our challenge for the day (1 Dec); 200km’s separate Divundu and Kongola. In between is the Bwabwata national park with a few traditional villages. The park has elephant, antelope and buffalo. Our plan was to camp in the park due to the long distance. 

We started from Nunda river lodge at the usual 05:45 when planning a tough day. Partly pushing the bikes out through the sand track. 

Early on in the park we saw a herd of sable antelope, beautiful. Then we saw nothing, except the occasional car or truck. It was hot and we were consuming water at a high rate. We stopped at a local village and managed to buy a cold 2 liter coke for N$30 (they had no water). Eva’s first coke in living memory. 

Our speed was high and at 12:15 we have done 142km’s. We then stopped for our favourite activity, waiting out the heat 😂. 

On my app, we found a camp site shortly before Kongola. We were both still feeling very good and considering our good progress might as well try and get through in a day, another 65km. We started off again at 15:45. 

All going well untill the last 30km’s. My energy levels took a nose dive. We ate, drank and continued. Soon seeing elephant dung, a kudu and a buffalo. It was now between 17:00 and 18:00 when the animals are more active. Soon after 200km’s I told Eva I need a last short break. She did not want to stop and get through the park. My response was a sarcastic, “it’s tough in front, maybe you want to break some wind for me”. To my astonishment, next I see Eva passing me and taking the lead! Wow, respect!! I will never forget that moment. It was great to be able to free wheel a bit and it did help me a lot. 

To our disappointment, our planned camp site (Bum Hill) closed down. This meant an additional 8km’s for us of which 2km was again on a sand track, sometimes pushing the bikes. This really got to both of us. We arrived in camp during the last light of day. I just managed to pitch the tent, shower and dumped into bed. I did not even have appetite. Poor Eva could not even have a shower. 

We are very happy everything worked out, but in future will leave 200+ km’s to the Tour de France contenders. 

Through all the effort, it went a bit unnoticed that we have now done more than 3 000km’s on tour. A great milestone for us. 

Tomorrow off to Katima Mulilo (a short 110km😂) where we will again take a rest day before leaving Namibia. 

As we approach the end of Namibia, I want to ask again if you please will consider a donation to the Josiah Trust whom we are trying to raise some funds for. Any amount, small or large will be very much appreciated. 

Thanks for all the support and for following. 

Willem & Eva

A big Nguni bull greeted us as we left Nunda.

Careful of the elephant, sign in the Bwabwata park.

Typical local village. People are generally very friendly.

Getting comfortable during our heat-break.

Snapshot of the route. The clouds helped a little, but it was still very hot. I recorded 38 deg (celsius) om my watch thermometer


7 thoughts on “Days 48 & 49: Divundu to Kongola

  1. You really did 200 km at one day, first I could not believe it! But your writing, Willem, made it clear. I idmire you gus! Well done, thats what I can say! Think of a big donation!


    • Ja, wir sind immer wieder für eine Überraschung gut. Obwohl, ich schiebe es eher auf das Gerücht, dass es in dem Park auch Löwen gibt. Das gab mir den Anstoss stärker in die Pedale zu treten. Durch unsere Jagd durch den Park haben wir leider auch gar keine Fotos genommen – und das bei schönster Abendstimmung u Tierwelt. Habt vielen Dank für eure Spende! Bedeutet den kids in Klipheuwel sehr viel u öffnet Zukunftstüren.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Dear Willem & Eva, it’s official, you both are stark, raving mad! That’s probably why we love you! 🙂 well done! Cannot believe you far you cycle per day and how fast you do it. You will be awarded the official Marié-Louise award for “best-ignoring-your-mind” story when you return. 🙂 By the way, missing you guys! Anyway, love reading your blog! Good luck and enjoy your “short” day 🙂


    • Haha, thanks ML! Does this award come with your world famous Sachertorte? We then might consider taking an early turn back home 😉 Missing you guys too!!


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