Days 46 & 47 River Dance lodge to Divundu

Date: 29 & 30.11.16
Blog entry date: 30.11.16
Distance: 41km
Odometer: 2 788km
Avg speed: 18.2km/hr
Time on bike: 2h14min
Problems: Flat tyre
Flat tyre counter: 2 (Days 5&46)
Max speed of tour (Day 14): 65.8km/hr

Staying at Nunda River Lodge in a bungalow. Our first proper bed since Windhoek and a real luxury to us. Our waking hours normally consist of packing, un-packing, cycling (of-course), cooking, bike maintenance, washing, eating and sometimes writing the blog. Eva still finds time to read, but I struggle to get to that, my efficiency is not at the same level 😆. The break at Nunda is really great for us. Fantastic location, bungalow overlooking the Kavango. Got a special rate on the accommodation. 

Planned for a short 40km on the 29th and still had breakfast at River Dance. We wanted to settle our account (at River Dance), but they told us everything is free of charge. What an amazing surprise! We are so thankful! To top it all, River Dance is really awesome accommodation and the food was excellent. 

That said, our day started as it ended, pushing our bicycles along 2km of sand track. Then followed a short 30km to Divundu our next town. Here we stocked up our provisions again and continued 6km to Nunda. The status quo prevailed and we again had to push our bikes the last 1.4km to Nunda lodge. Very nice setup and worth it. 

May have noticed the dreaded flat tyre counter ticked on. About 5km before Nunda Lodge we got the second flat of our tour. I was cycling when my front tube deflated very quickly. Soon I was riding on the flat tyre as I could not stop fast enough. I just managed to stay on the bike and in the end jumped off as eventually I lost control. I could stay on my feet and there is no serious damage to the bicycle, it only got some character 😁. Quickly put in another tube and arrived shortly afterwards at Nunda. On the positive side, two flats for 2 bicycles after almost 2 800km is not too bad. 

Yesterday afternoon we did a boat ride which was worth every cent. Saw hippos, crocodiles and birds. We also visited the Poppa falls (actually only rapids) which was beautiful in late afternoon light. 

Taking a rest day today to enjoy something of the special location we’re at.

Cannot upload any pictures due to slow internet but will do that when possible. 

Thanks for all your messages and prayers. We have many times experienced God’s goodness and protection on this tour and are grateful. 

Willem & Eva

P.S. I managed to download the Sasol Bird App which is very practical and can be recommended if you are interested in birding. 

Leaving River Dance, pushing through the sand

Fortunatley I could replace the tube in the shade.

The view from our bungalow. Men in a mokoro on the Kavango.

2 Hippo’s lurking in the water.

A happy smiling crocodile.

Nice scene with the clouds and sunlight.

The Poppa falls (rapids).

Our first-ever selfie.

Beautiful sunset shortly before dinner.


5 thoughts on “Days 46 & 47 River Dance lodge to Divundu

  1. HI Willem and Eva. You two are amazing. The speed at which you ride at times makes me wonder if those machines aren’t ebikes.
    Col and I check every night to see if there is a new post from you. Keep them coming!!
    There is a Canadian couple, Jeff and Roz Tonner, who are heading to S A from Kenya and there route looks similar to yours, just in reverse. I have mentioned you to them and given your blog address. You can check then out on the crazyguyonabike website. Go to journals and search for Shift Happens. Africa is such a small place, you are bound to run into each other.
    All the best and happy cycling.
    Love to you both from Peter and Col.
    PS the purchase of the onions did not go unnoticed.


    • Hi Peter! Since Eva started eating droëwors she is very strong on the bike 😁. Thanks for the tip about the Canadians, we’ll look out for them. About the onions, please let us know what to do with them 😂. We are working on the packing list, takes a bit longer than expected. All the best from under a tree in the Caprivi.


  2. Hello Eva and Willem,we accompany you all the time on your adventure tour. We wait every night for the news in the blog and look forward to having a good meal an having a good place to sleep. Good blog!! Greetings from Conny and Jörg


    • hallo liebe Conny u lieber Joerg! Danke dass unsere Reise so nah verfolgt. Es bringt uns immer viel Freude Nachrichten aus der Heimat zu lesen. Wir wünschen euch eine besinnliche Adventszeit! bei den Temperaturen hier kaum daran zu denken. LG


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