Day 45: Shankara camp to River Dance lodge

Date: 28.11.16
Blog entry date: 28.11.16
Distance: A tiring 107km
Odometer: 2 747km
Avg speed: 19.6km/hr
Time on bike: 5h28min
Problems: None
Flat tyre counter: 1 (Day 5)
Max speed of tour (Day 14): 65.8km/hr

Camping at River Dance lodge next to Kavango river, 25km’s before Divundu. Most scenic camp spot so far.

Expected a hot day and that’s what we got. On the bikes at 05:45 to make the most of early morning cool air. Riding into a strong headwind the entire day. The wind and hot weather were very tiring.

At 50km’s we stopped at “Try again” shabeen and could buy cold drinks and biltong. A nice break for us.

Initially thought we will go all the way to Divundu, but given the conditions, that proved 25km’s too far on the day. We however got a nasty surprise at the end. Last 2km’s to River Dance is on sand track and we had to push the bikes, while the relentless sun was beating down. We made it, but very tired. The lodge and camp is however stunning and in the end happy we ended up here.

The bird life is amazing and I feel a bit depressed that I do not have my field guide and binoculars with me, but size and weight were issues with packing.

Thanks for following.

Willem & Eva

Snapshot of our route today. The few clouds did not provide any cover from the sun.

“Try again” shabeen, classic. 😁

View from the deck at the lodge. The picture does not do it justice.

A village along route.


6 thoughts on “Day 45: Shankara camp to River Dance lodge

  1. Hi Guys. Been off the air for a while. Nicole and I are sitting in a Starbucks in Chicago! Been thinking of you loads. Glad to read God has been cycling right along side both of you! I bet he is loving the trip as much as you both! Keep strong and turn those cranks! Best wishes!


    • Thanks guys, so great to hear from you! Glad you are having a blast over there. Wish there was also a cupcake ATM here!! But only with the one and only Nicoletta sprinkles 😊 Good luck with the scouting! Praying for safe travels!


  2. Hallo ihr 2, danke für Euren Blog!
    Ihr schreibt immer von sand and gravel road,aber auf den Fotos sehe ich feinsten Asphalt…
    Ausserdem frage ich mich “what does ‘hot’ mean?”…ich habe den Verdacht als Mitteleuropäer fehlt mir hier ohne Zahlenangabe das Verständnis (und mit wahrscheinlich die Vorstellungskraft).
    Hugs in den Süde und TRE-TEN!


    • Hehe, für dich cori werden wir extra ein paar Beweisfotos einbauen 🙂 Das Problem ist, dass wir auf Sand u Schotter überhaupt keinen Nerv haben, um Fotos zu nehmen. Oft nehmen wir nur Bilder, wenn wir sowieso Pause machen. Guter Hinweis vom kritischen Publikum 😉 Temperaturen sind so 30-35 grad celcius, hatten auch schon oft an die 40. Temperaturen kann man live track auch sehen.


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