Day 44: Rundu to Shankara camp

Date: 27.11.16
Blog entry date: 27.11.16
Distance: A windy 87km
Odometer: 2 640km
Avg speed: 19.7km/hr
Time on bike: 4h25min
Problems: None
Flat tyre counter: 1 (Day 5)
Max speed of tour (Day 14): 65.8km/hr

Camping at Shankara close to Shitemo. Next to the Okavango river, grass and huge trees for adequate shade. No hippo’s or crocs yet. I believe the water level is still to low in this particular area.

Very hot today. Bought some onions from a road stall. They sold watermelon and onions. The melon would have been perfect, but is way to big for our bicycles. Felt too bad not to buy anything so got a few onions. Guess what’s in our food tonight 😁.

Again riding into a headwind. we first had the north-wind and now the east-wind 😥. We are sleeping half-way between Rundu and Divundu our next town. We hope to reach Divundu tomorrow and to take another rest day there as this is supposed to be a beautiful area.

Thanks for all the support.

Willem & Eva

A snapshot from the route today. Sunny and hot!

A local school along route.

Trying out the “life straw” filtration system. The water at our camp site is extracted directly from the river and not safe for consumption without treatment.

The Kavango with Angola on the other side.


One thought on “Day 44: Rundu to Shankara camp

  1. Lieber Willem und liebe Eva,
    es ist tatsächlich unglaublich, wir ihr stetig vorankommt. Und es ist sehr heiß, die Luft wird sicher auch feuchter und ihr nähert euch dem Okavangogebiet mit vermutlich zahlreichen Tieren. Wir können gar nicht glauben, wie ihr euch nun die notwendigen Kalorien zuführen könnt. Vielen Dank für euren steten Bericht und die besonderen Aufnahmen. Das ist für uns ein kleiner Schatz. Bleibt gesund und gut behütet. Passt gut auf euch auf!


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