Day 40: Grootfontein to Roy’s camp

Date: 23.11.16
Blog entry date: 23.11.16
Distance: 53km
Odometer: 2 334km
Avg speed: 25.6km/hr
Time on bike: 2h04min
Problems: None
Flat tyre counter: 1 (Day 5)
Max speed of tour (Day 14): 65.8km/hr

Camping at Roy’s camp, about 60km north of Grootfontein. Camp on grass, always nice.

Short day of cycling to slowly work through the 257km to Rundu, our next town. Gentle downhill, but again cycling into a headwind. With the next camp option a further 70km away we decided to spare ourselves another marathon ride and take the day easy. 

At the camp ablution a scorpion was hiding in the corner of one of the cubicles. Unfortunately had to kill it, as catching it would have been very risky. 

Having a more relaxed day. Looking like it may rain again late afternoon or eveing.  

Willem & Eva

Scenery along this part of the route.

Another beautiful shady stop along the way.

Go green: get rid of the engine, grow a tree, buy a bicycle 😁


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