Day 39: Otavi to Grootfontein

Date: 22.11.16
Blog entry date: 22.11.16
Distance: A beautiful 105km
Odometer: 2 281km
Avg speed: 21km/hr
Time on bike: 5h01min
Problems: Headwind
Flat tyre counter: 1 (Day 5)
Max speed of tour (Day 14): 65.8km/hr

Camping at Pandoki camp site, 6km north of Grootfontein. Nice camp site on grass. 

The scenery was beautiful today. Cycled through a wide valley with tree-clad hills on both sides. Clearly entering a region that receives more rain now. The scenery was different to what we have seen so far in Namibia.

Received my new mattress in Grootfontein that JC managed to buy and send in record-time from Windhoek! Very happy about it. Collected it from his contact in Grootfontein who treated us like old friends. Got great tips for accommodation further north and into the Caprivi strip. 

Stocked up on supplies at Spar. Having delicious camp food tonight (no sarcasm intended) 😁. 

Shortly after pitching the tent a rain storm arrived. Enjoyed the summer rains a lot, with the smell of petrichor (thanks Riette 👍). The new tent passed the rain test keeping everything dry inside. 

Hope for an uninterrupted sleep tonight on the new mattress 😁. 

Willem & Eva

Early morning, into the hills.

This was a beautiful valley. The scenery helped to forget the headwind.

We’ve been cycling next to a railway since Otjiwarongo.

The distances between towns are intimidating. Especially when on a bicycle.

Summer rains in Namibia, a great experience!

Beautiful scene afterwards.

The way water used to be heated before electricity arrived. The “donkey” is still used in remote areas.


2 thoughts on “Day 39: Otavi to Grootfontein

  1. Hi Julle, ek is so bietjie jaloers, maar nie baie nie. So lekker wees om vir so dag of 2 saam te ry. Enjoy! Groete uit Vishoek. Corne


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